The Arat Kur are a technologically advanced exosapient race which has evolved from a profoundly communal insect-like forerunner. The Arat Kur are described as resembling very large cockroaches; in fact their human given nickname during the combined Arat Kur and Hkh'Rkh invasion of Earth is the 'Roaches'. Despite their profoundly non-human appearance, they are relatively comfortable with humans. This is due in part to the nature of their civilization.

They are a communally living burrowing species. They have an intense need for social contact. An Arat Kur of any caste which is left alone for even a few hours may develop an uncurable, debilitating psychosis. Isolation is considered by the Arat Kur to be an uncivilized, savage torture.

They are a technologically advanced race, second only to the K'tor and the Dornani. Their jump tech and drone tech is significantly better than that of the Hkh'Rkh. A major Earth objective is to capture Arat Kur shift carriers to reverse engineer their advanced weapons, drives and sensors.

Lastly, the Arat Kur have a deeply developed social conscience, eschewing torture and regarding violence as a necessary evil that is nearly always better deferred or when possible, delegated.