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This is a wiki about the science fiction universe created by Chuck Gannon in his stories and novels of the Terran Republic

Dr. Charles E. Gannon is an American writer and a former Professor of English at St. Bonaventure University. More about Charles Gannon

Dr. Gannon discusses some of the choices behind how and why he writes. Writing Choices. Command & Control Considerations

A new interview with Dr. Gannon by Brad Torgerson

UPDATE: Congratulations are in order. Trial by Fire has been nominated for a Nebula Award!

Books of the Terran Republic Edit

Fire with Fire

Trial by Fire

Raising Caine

The World of the Terran RepublicEdit

Tales of the Terran Republic is based on a series of novels written about a near future where Earth finds itself in first contact with a established set of advanced alien societies. Each of these societies look at Earth as a pawn in their own power struggles. Some see Terrans as enemies and some as a allies. Discovering which is which is the tricky part.

You can explore these exciting stories in Chuck's novels starting with Fire With Fire and followed by Trial by Fire.

The races discovered (so far) include: (Caution! Links go to pages containing information from the books, including some spoilers for those who haven't read them yet.)


Dornaani Collective

Arat Kur



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Take a ride into orbit on one of the runway-runway launch systems operating in the world of Fire With Fire! This vision of space technology in one possible future of 2115 AD is ad-free eye-candy only. Enjoy!